ABI 2720

The ABI 2720 is a simple and inexpensive thermal cycler with a small footprint. The compact size means that this device makes excellent use of available bench space, allowing it to fit into any laboratory (including the researcher’s personal work bench). Because the air-flow for the cooling system is located at the back of the unit, several machines can be stored and operated side-by-side, with no space between, for an efficient increase in overall productivity.

The ABI 2720 combines industry-standard technology from the ABI 9700 system, but in a more compact package and at a lower price. And of course, it provides the same reliability and performance that customers around the world have come to expect from ABI thermal cyclers.

SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the ABI 2700 and 2720 Thermal Cyclers.

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