ABI 3500/3500XL

The 3500 Genetic Analyzer with the 8-capillary design featuring a powerful, integrated data collection that provides real-time assessment. This sequencer allows for a majority of applications to utilize a single polymer and capillary array.   The 3500 design boost high performance turn times while providing environmentally controlled results. while retaining the unparalleled desired application versatility.

Key Features
  • Increased Consistency – Reduce signal variation with factory standardization and optional in-lane normalization
  • Upgrade Capability- Easily upgrade from 8-capillary to 24-capilarry without interruption
  • Real-Time Data Quality Assessment –Instrument data evaluation features provide rapid identification and re-injection of samples requiring additional processing
  • Improved Thermal Control – Smaller oven design with improved door seal providing more concise data migration.
  • Single-line, 505 nm, solid-state, long- life laser that utilizes a standard power supply and requires no heat-removal ducting.

SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the ABI 3130 Sequencer.

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