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SeqGen not only provides outstanding service support but also offers instruments for purchase. All of the instruments are fully refurbished and functional to meet the standard OEM specifications. Full warranty and customizable service plans are available.

If you are looking to upgrade, SeqGen can buy your instrument, and trading in your old one is an option.  Instrument parts go through several testing procedures to validate their functionality and are also available for purchase. 

Part of our service is to keep instruments maintained; however, SeqGen is continually expanding its line of services, keeping up with technology updates from the manufacturer, offering instruments for sale and device parts at a low cost. It is our commitment to fulfill your expectations and to improve our services.  

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SeqGen, Inc.

1725 Del Amo Blvd Torrance, CA 90501

Popular Equipment

Sciex 3000 system

Sciex 4000 system

Sciex 4500 system

Sciex 5500 system

ABI 3500/3500XL

ABI 3730/3730XL

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SeqGen, Inc.

1725 Del Amo Blvd Torrance, CA 90501

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