Tecan freedom evo

The TECAN Freedom EVO series is widely recognized for its reliability and popularity in the market. It is not only versatile to adapt into any configuration but also user-friendly for daily operations.

Whether you’re handling colony picking & plating, nucleic acid purification, or NGS sample preparation, our platform provides the versatility and scalability you require. 

Choices of different sizes from 75/100/150/200 base units are fully customizable depending on your application.

Air LiHa

This groundbreaking air displacement arm delivers precise and dependable pipetting, eliminating the need for system liquids. This feature enhances convenience and reduces maintenance for applications employing disposable tips.

Available with either 4 or 8 pipetting channels, it offers a wide volume range from 0.5 to 1,000 µl per channel, and provides non-contact dispensing capabilities down to 0.5 μl.

Liquid LiHa

The Liquid LiHa comes with the option of disposable or fixed tips. Equipped with fast wash pumps, it ensures thorough system cleanliness by swiftly washing fixed tips from behind, minimizing sample carry-over.

All LiHa arms feature variable Y-spacing, enabling seamless sample transfers to and from various types of labware.

MultiChannel Arm MCA96

True parallel processing

The simultaneous pipetting of 96 channels ensures prompt addition of liquids directly into microplates.

Robotic arms (RoMa)

The RoMa robotic arms quickly and efficiently transport microplates, tubes, and other labware between the worktable, peripheral devices, and labware storage, enabling extended assay runs and allowing for increased walk-away time.


Highly effective orbital microplate shaker with heating option

Tecan’s Te-Shake is designed to handle microplates, deep-well plates, and PCR tubes, offering the additional capability of sample heating up to 80°C. For process scale-up, multiple Te-Shake options can be used simultaneously on a single workstation. With its dynamic shaking range, configurable orbit/amplitude, and variable rotating direction, Te-Shake enables easy optimization of extended mixing protocols.


Positive Identification System

PosID offers automatic barcode reading for labware and carriers at any position on the worktable. This enables automatic identification of carriers and labware before or during processing, ensuring accurate confirmation of sample, reagent, and assay vessel identities.

SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the Tecan Freedom Evo.

Visit the Sales page to explore your options, or contact us directly for more information.

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