Happy Customers

“More visibility would be the big thing for SeqGen. A lot of people just don’t know about them, and they’re just such a wonderful resource, they would be a great benefit to a lot of laboratories… we’ve been able to get online faster and have more money to put back into our services. they’re just quality, all the way around from their customer service, to their technicians, to their pricing.”

Katherine Cross
Partner/ DNA Technical Leader DNA- Guardian Forensic Sciences

“The problems we were having that caused us to make a move was just a general lack of customer service from the other service providers. We have a lot more confidence to jump back online after something bad happens in our instrumentation now that we have SeqGen. We have lot more flexibility, and it makes my job a heck of a lot easier when something goes wrong.”

Daniel Hellwig
Director of Case Labs-Sorenson Forensics

“There is no comparison. It’s basically night and day. The actual engineers have been extremely courteous, extremely experienced and again there is not one instance where they have not done the job a customer has requested of them. ”

Constantine Christopoulos 
Lab Manager- Canadian Center for Bar Coding

“Responses have always been prompt and the engineers are very knowledgeable and helpful. We initially decided to give SeqGen a try due to cost savings when compared to what we were paying ABI. After our initial annual PM visit by a SeqGen engineer, we were extremely pleased by the level of service and professionalism. ”

Dan Slowinski 

“Thanks SeqGen! I have no plans of taking my business elsewhere.  ”

Ian Herriott
University of Alaska

“Engineers are very knowledgeable and make sure that all my questions and concerns are answered. ”

Paul Johnson
Manager, RI Genomics and Sequencing Center

“Travis Tao does a tremendous job.  We are so very pleased with his personality and interactions with staff at NEB, his knowledge of the various instruments he services, his ability to find an answer that may stump us, his dedication to our DNA sequencing core- keeping it up and running 24/7- VPN in. “

Laurie Mazzola
New England Bio

“SeqGen engineers always arrive quickly and have solved every issue that we have come across with our instruments.  Nothing but good things to say ”

Jon Behringer
Prevention Genetics

“We Chose SeqGen to Service our equipment because they cost significantly less, are prompt,provide exceptional service and have very,very knowledgable engineers. Value for the Service is unmatched.  ”

Dr. Brandt Cassidy

“David and Fisher did a wonderful job.They also demonstrated how to remove the block for monthly cleaning. This is very helpful for our monthly decontamination.”


“Great service, knowledgeable staff, fast response times. ”

Jonathan Davoren

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