Sciex 3200 system

The API 3200 system is a benchtop triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for sensitive quantitative analyses of biomolecules found in a wide variety of biological matrices. It is designed for quantitative analysis of small molecules.

It has the following features:

  • The standard Turbo V™ ion source provides a plug-and-play TurboIonSpray® probe and APCI probe, a durable ceramic interface, and compatibility with high flow rates.
  • LINAC® collision cell eliminates cross-talk and allows for multi-component analysis during an LC run.
  • Rugged Curtain Gas™ interface technology combined with improved gas dynamics reduces maintenance and increases uptime.
  • Scanning in a mass range of m/z 5–1800, sensitivity ppb.
  • Integrated switching valve and integrated syringe pump provide convenient sample introduction flexibility.
  • Additional compatible sources, including the DuoSpray™ ion source, PhotoSpray® ion source, and NanoSpray® III ion source components, provide further flexibility.
SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the API 3200 system.

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