ABI 7900

A real asset to any disease research program, the ABI 7900HT is the only real-time quantitative PCR system that combines 384-well plate compatibility with fully automated robotic loading. Acknowledged as the gold standard in real-time PCR, the ABI 7900HT system combined with TaqMan Genomic Assays enables you to achieve unprecedented throughput and flexibility, allowing you to pursue projects beyond the scope of previous real-time instruments. Below are some the key features and benefits of the ABI 7900HT:

  • User-interchangeable block formats deliver multiple throughput options in a system that can expand and adapt to meet future requirements
  • 96-well Fast PCR option yields real-time PCR results in approximately 35 minutes
  • Optional Enterprise Edition Software makes it easy for the entire organization to make the most of the system’s advanced features and high-throughput capabilities
  • Choice of assay chemistries provides a broad range of applications — with or without the use of probes
  • Hands-free plate-loading and unloading allows true walkaway automation
  • Hand-held and integrated bar code readers simplify sample tracking
  • Continuous wavelength detection from 500-660 nm allows the use of multiple fluorophores in a single reaction
SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the ABI 7900HT and 7900HT-Fast Real-Time PCR Systems.

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