ABI 3130/3130XL

The ABI 3130/3130XL is an ideal DNA Sequencer for low to mid-throughput labs. The fully automated system can run hundreds of samples per day. Most importantly, as research throughput increases, the instrument can be upgraded to 16-capillaries. This increases lab productivity 4-fold, without needing to buy another sequencer. Here are some of the key features of the ABI 3130/3130XL:

  • Easily upgrade from 4 to 16 capillary arrays
  • Reduce labor with automated polymer and sample loading and easy-to-use tools to analyze data
  • Perform sequencing and genotyping applications quickly, accurately, and reliably on a single instrument

SeqGen provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for the ABI 3130/3130XL sequencer. 

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